Monday summary.

My 5 good things:

1) Payday! It has finally arrived (well, it will have when I wake up tomorrow). I can't afford to treat myself to much but I can get my eyebrows done after weeks of growing them. I resemble a hairy caterpillar! It's quite comical.

2) I have an amazing boyfriend. Sorry to be super slushy, but he makes me so blimmin happy it is ridiculous! I feel very lucky to have found him.

3) I didn't get the answer I wanted today in relation to a pay increase (I know everyone is struggling at the moment but living on my own is so difficult and I work VERY hard for little reward). BUT, I'm looking on the bright side. If  a better opportunity comes up, great. If not, I can stay in my current role and study the HR qualification, so hopefully everything will work out either way. *must think positive, must think positive*.

4) I'm having a little girly night on Thursday with my friend from work. I'm looking forward to some nice food and girly chat!

5) It's almost my birthday.........! :)

What is making YOU feel positive today?
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