TGI Saturday.

After my first full week back at work since Christmas, 2 jogs, and a mammoth aerobics session, I am officially knackered. But is today going to be chilled? No. After a blogger catch up I shall be heading outdoors for a jog, helping Jonathan to tidy up, making lunch, walking Lily and Lola, going bowling with Jonathan's Sister and husband, then coming back here to consume huge quantities of rose wine and yummy food! I'm either brilliant at bowling or truly awful, so I fully expect to lose.

Tomorrow will be a little less manic me thinks and will mainly involve a roast dinner and lots of telly.

Currently lusting after:

Currently consuming: tea and toast.

Currently scouring the pages of: Etsy.

Currently researching: knitting lessons.

Currently reading: Sylvia Plath - The Bell Jar.
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