Monday summary.

Did you have a good weekend? Monday comes round so quickly doesn't it. I wasn't feeling too great yesterday. I had a nice sleep in as Jonathan offered to look after the dogs, and he brought me tea and cereal in bed, but then I got up and felt just awful. I had a temperature for most of the day and was completely off my food. I also felt a little bit sick and had the worst headache driving home to Wakefield from Rotherham. But, today I feel fine. It must have been a 24 hour bug thingymajig. I've not been ill *touch wood* in so long and I'd hate to be ill for my birthday!

The photo above is from our curling expedition on Saturday evening. Brrr!

My 5 good things:

1) It's my birthday on Thursday and I've got Thursday and Friday booked off from work. We've got some nice things planned - tea at Bibi's in Leeds, ice skating, Eden Camp museum, Jonathan cooking for me. It's going to be my best birthday yet I'm sure.

2) Jonathan. Just because.

3) I've ordered a scrabble ring from Victoria - I can't wait to receive it!

4) I've had some lovely comments from you guys over the weekend. It's so nice to hear that you're making recipes that I've blogged about. I apologise for the calorie overload if you made Rocky Road!

5) I'm very, very happy.
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