Happy birthday to you.

Yesterday Jonathan turned 28 and we had the day off work too. It was the best day ever. Couldn't have been better if we'd tried! We got up early (I say got up, the dogs woke us up at 6.30. Thanks Pugs!) and I made scrambled eggs on toast and plenty of tea, then Jonathan opened his card and presents from me.

I had 3 long walks in the glorious sunshine - 2 with the Pugs and one with Jonathan. It certainly makes a change going for a walk and not getting rained on! We headed out past the house that we like, and back again, for a nosy.

I cooked dinner and good old Nigella came to the rescue with one of her recipes; Spanish Chicken and Chorizo. It was surprisingly simple to make (I'll talk about that another day) but it was gorgeous. So many flavours going on but not too overpowering.

Then it was time for the cheesecake I made (an Oreo Cookie & Cream cheesecake to be precise) which I started the night before and finished off yesterday morning. I've never made a cheesecake before and thought it would go disasterously wrong, but it turned out great. It was so yummy! And Jonathan loved it as it's his favourite cheesecake ever. He also seemed to like the candles and my horrendous rendition of "Happy Birthday".
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