This weekend and last weekend.

I've got the whole day to myself today and my to-do list goes something like this:

* walk the dogs
* give the dogs a bath
* go to the supermarket for baking supplies
* blogging
* bake cupcakes
* watch Julie & Julia
* Do some washing
* Finish off the scarf I've been knitting
* Paint my toenails
* Do level 2 of the "shred"
* Read Company magazine

As you can see I've been a busy bee so far and I'm having a little lunch and cup of tea break before I start baking. I intend to stay up all night knitting, blogging and probably eating cupcakes. Jonathan will be back from his trip to Scotland at about 3am so I look forward to being woken up with a little cuddle.

Tomorrow we're viewing some houses - we have been talking about moving in together this year so we thought we would have a nosy round some places to get an idea of what we like. I personally would love to have a lovely, big, enclosed back garden for the Pugs to run around, a country style kitchen with an island in the middle, and a bath with legs. I don't ask for much do I ;)

Last weekend we had a look round a show home and oh my, it was amazing! Bit too big for what we need but I took lots of photos for inspiration.

During our 4 day weekend we ate SO much food - I should probably have detoxed for a week to make up for it but what the heck. We made an amazing fish pie with chunky salmon and smoked fish and prawns. Yum! We made enough to be able to have it for dinner 2 nights in a row. We also made some sangria which is officially my favourite drink. We made a big bowl of it with lemonade, vodka and chopped fruit and let it soak for a few hours. Makes the fruit taste out of this world!!


We had the fish pie with spicy cauliflower again and it was all absolutely delicious.

Have a great Saturday!
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