I made something.

As you may know I recently took a knitting lesson to get to grips with the basics - casting on/off, knit stitch, purl stitch, and increasing/decreasing. Oh, and changing colours! And it has opened up a whole new world of wool shopping and little knitting projects.

Since then I have been knitting most evenings and I find it so addictive. Luckily the knitting lessons I had were held at a super cute store and they have bundles of lovely things to buy - plus you can buy online too so I really do find it easy to get carried away.

I found some super chunky wool in one of my favourite colours and got to work on a chunky scarf. I finished it off last night (I stayed up till 1am to get it finished - that's dedication for you!) and have been parading around in it today. 

I feel so proud to have finished something and it's not half bad!

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