Recent happenings in picture form.

Knitting. I'm really getting the hang of it now and have even picked up a bit of speed! I'm knitting a few scarves at the moment but hope to move on to a few other bits and bobs very soon. When Summer rolls around I'm going to be inundated with scarves!

Ice hockey warm up. We went to watch Sheffield vs Nottingham last weekend and they do this before the game starts. We lost which was a tad annoying but it's always good to go and watch all the same.

Cooking. Jonathan and I, with some help from his Sister, cooked dinner for his family a couple of weekends ago. We made two curries - a lamb rogan josh and a chicken one which involved marinating the chicken for a few hours before hand and the smell was absolutely amazing! We went to a nearby spice shop and they were selling homemade naan bread so we got some of those too and put some garlic and coriander on the top, plus some rice. It was all so tasty.

Wool shopping. I do this a lot. In fact I'm looking online as we speak!

Jonathan having a cuddle with Lola. I know it looks like he's got her in a head lock but I swear she laid there for ages in cuddle heaven! Also Jonathan is wearing my jumper so I hope he doesn't read this..

Finding little surprises on my desk at work from Jonathan. Faces on fruit can't help but make you smile!

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