Catch up.

This weekend has flown by. More so than they usually do. It seems like only two minutes ago I was packing my weekend bag and the Pugs into my car and heading to Rotherham to spend the weekend at Jonathan's house. Anyway, I thought a little catch up post was in order as the weekend draws to a close.

Recently my Uncle turned 50 and last night he threw a party to celebrate with family and friends. It was such a good do - lots of yummy food and plenty of drink flowing. It was nice to catch up with some family that I haven't seen in a while, and see my Sister and her fiance who have moved back from Gibraltar. My parents are throwing a big bbq at some point in the next few weeks so I'll look forward to that too!

I'm on the hunt for a camera at the moment. In fact I'm desperate for a camera, as I've had to rely on just my iPhone for the past 8 months which takes reasonable photos outside but doesn't do so well inside. I'm looking for something fairly cheap (obv!) but easy to use that can produce good quality pics. I really like the Fujifilm S1600 and have heard good things about Fujifilm cameras.

However, my camera-buying will have to wait as I got my eyes tested yesterday (I'm a glasses wearer but rarely wear them in photos). Turns out my prescription has changed so much the optician told me off a little bit. It worked out cheaper to get a brand new pair than to put new lenses in my current pair, so I'm picking up my new specs tomorrow. I must admit, it will be nice to see properly again!

Some pictures I'm currently loving:

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