After looking at many trikes and bikes, I think I have found the one for me.

I tend to like cruising bikes and I needed one that would fit in my basement door opening which is 42 inches wide by 22 inches high - so this one could be it as it folds down to less than those dimensions.  Weighs only 45 pounds.  Found it at Camping World for a cost of $194.00.

I would of course need a basket on the front for my Shih Tzu... but I don't think that will be a problem to install a hook on that can be easily removed for storage.

I live about 2 hours from Camping World and not sure if I want to go there to test drive it first or not.  I need to think about it some more and also check into our local bike shop here in town for similar bikes.

I need to sell the trike I currently have and hope to get at least the cost of the new bike for it.  I paid almost $600 for it 2 years ago.

I looked into electric folding bikes and they are awesome street legal bikes.  However, most states require you to have a motorcycle license, insurance, and wear a helmet which I don't want to do.

All of this trouble just because they don't make a decent trike rack for the back of the coach.  Oh well.....   

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