Monday summary.

It's the start of a full week at work for me and I just know by Friday early evening I'm going to be falling asleep. These 4 day weekends have been spoiling us! I think Jonathan and I are going to dip into our annual leave soon and have a long weekend - maybe go on a little trip somewhere. We'd love to visit Cornwall or somewhere along those lines, so if you can recommend any nice places please leave a comment below.

I recently appeared on the Style Clone website where they recreated one of my recent outfits. This is incredibly flattering and they said some really nice things about me and my blog, so please do go have a nosy here if you can. For more style tips check out Style Clone for yourselves!

My 5 good things of the moment:

1) Making Rocky Road again. This time we used snickers, marshmallows and digestive biscuits (as opposed to ginger biscuits, Maltesers and chocolate drops last time) and after a taste test I can confirm they're absolutely yummy. Totally calorific though.

2) Plans for another BBQ this weekend (weather permitting!)

3) I saw Derren Brown in Sheffield last week and it was amazing! If you get the chance to go and see one of his live shows I definitely recommend it. The things he can do are unexplainable and brilliant! (Couldn't take a photo while he was on stage for fear of being picked on).

4) Using a slow cooker for the first time and making an unbelievable stew. It was pretty easy to make, especially as we used one of the 'stew packs' of vegetables from Morrisons which are ideal and saves buying all the individual bits of veg. We had our stew cooking for a good 6 hours and it made the meat incredible. We will definitely be using the slow cooker again very soon.


5) The return of The Apprentice this week - one of the best programmes on the telly!

Have a great week!
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