On my trip up to Kentwood, La. I lost another piece of my bike rack.  I had left the trike at home but did not take down the rack.  When I packed up to leave Kentwood, I noticed the left wheel holder was gone.  I lost the right wheel holder on my last trip to Mississippi.

I had tightened all of the knobs before leaving on my trip.  Right then and there I decided to take it down and will not replace the missing parts.  If it can't go under the coach in the large basement then it doesn't go.  I can't be worried about something falling off and hitting the car behind me possibly causing serious injuries and/or death. 

The trike I currently have will not fit under the coach so I will either sell it and get a bike that will fit or I will not have a bike.  I don't pull a toad so I'll be limited in how I get around campgrounds, etc.  Camping World does carry a folding trike for about $350.00.  We'll see.
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