Monday summary.

I haven't done a Monday Summary post for a few weeks and I almost forgot today is Monday (Bank Holiday weekends do confuse me). I've got another short week at work as I'm on a training course all day tomorrow so just 3 days in the office this week for me. I'll be spending the rest of today drinking tea, spending time with Jonathan and eating a huge slab of lemon meringue pie. Yum!

Here are my 5 good things:

1) I've had a brilliant Bank Holiday weekend but the best bit was visiting friends on Saturday afternoon/evening and having a bbq. We had an absolute blast; making cocktails, eating lovely food, and being generally very silly into the early hours of the morning.

2) I finally got my hands on a 'Pugs not Drugs' Sweet n Sour tee. I've wanted one for ages in the various colours they have come out with (and then longed for the jumper version) but they all sold out before I could get my hands on one. So when I spotted this cream version in Topshop I snapped it up!

3) The Only Way Is Essex - I really didn't want to like this programme but I watched a few episodes recently and now I'm going back to the beginning to catch up. It is so bad it's good! Completely addictive viewing.

4) Generous and friendly people on Twitter helping me with my skincare woes. You have given me some great recommendations which I'm hoping will solve my problem! Thank you to those who tweeted/emailed me - very helpful indeed!

5) Jonathan.. I haven't been slushy and sentimental in, ooh at least 10 minutes, so I'll use number 5 this week to mention just how blimmin' brilliant he is.

What are your 5 good things at the moment?
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