A good day for Crafts! (hand made candle and headband, beads, Cupcake mag & new lilac cotton in my shop!)

Today has been a great day Craft wise. Various parcels have landed on my doormat and brightened up my day no end. First things first, Big Cartel decided to make most of my bracelets out of stock when they're not at all! My apologies if you wanted something and it was showing as out of stock. The little hiccup is sorted now and I even have a new colour of cotton available - lilac. It's a very pretty shade and all of my charms can be supplied on this cotton. 

I had a parcel waiting for me at the Sorting Office so I went to collect that after work. Turns out it was my tin candle from Fiona who writes the delightful Sugar for my Honey. Fiona makes candles in tins and teacups and I purchased one of the small, polka dot blue tins with pink wax. Not only is it really pretty and goes perfectly on our kitchen windowsill but it smells amazing. I don't want to light it and spoil it, but I'm certain I will be back for more very soon. Thanks Fiona!

Whilst browsing the aisles of WH Smith on my lunch break today I spotted a magazine and not only did it catch my eye but it made me drool all over the display. The magazine is called Cupcake Heaven and issue one is out at the moment. It is PACKED full of cupcake recipes, ideas for decoration, and other bits and pieces. It is like a recipe book in magazine form but better because it was only £4.99. That may seem a lot of money for a magazine but honestly, it has so many recipes inside and they all sound amazing.

My friend Rose who I have known for such a long time (about 15 years or so!) has started to make headbands and hair accessories on Etsy and today I got home to a wonderful letter and headband from her. I am going to do another blog post on this very soon and show you some photos but I couldn't let this post go by without mentioning her and her new Etsy shop. Thanks Rose!

And last but not least my bead order from Ebay arrived and I now have plenty to play with over the next few days. Addicted to jewellery making much!?

Do share with me how you're being crafty today :)
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