Day off #2 (tapas & new trinkets).

Technically yesterday wasn't a day off as we don't work on a weekend anyway, but you know what I mean. We had a lazy day, watching '24' (we're on series 5 now. OMG - I have been an emotional wreck this series!) and drinking tea. In the evening we went to a restaurant in Sheffield called La Mama to celebrate 1 year of togetherness. If you live in the Sheffield area I urge you to go. Great food, lovely staff and live music - what more do you need!

I had a glass of Sangria and Jonathan had a couple of beers, and we shared 7 plates of tapas (and it was SO yummy that we ordered another 2 plates). We were suitably stuffed after our feast of homemade hummus and bread, asparagus wrapped in serrano ham, flattened meatballs, lamb skewers, seabass, clay baked potatoes in rosemary oil, prawns, ribs (in the most amazing sauce I've ever had), and tuna parcels.

My favourite things were the hummus (I could have eaten it all night and then probably exploded) and the ribs which were to die for. The potatoes were also incredible. We will definitely have a go at making something similar to those.

I wore my copper and turquoise earrings from Trinket Box for the first time too (blog post here if you missed it). I love them so much. It's not often I wear earrings as I tend to stick to bracelets and long necklaces but they are so pretty. And anything that combines copper and turquoise is a winner in my book.

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