We're getting a lot of rain here in Terrebonne Parish and it's going to get worse tomorrow with high winds and flooding.  I began to gather things in my yard that might fly away and went into the coach to check it out.  Sure enough, my worst fear was confirmed when I saw that half of the sofa was soaked. 

All the bedding and pillows were wet and I couldn't see why until I took a closer look.  The leak was coming in on the left side of the large window in the slide. 

When looking from the outside it is on the right.  See the red arrow on this photo.

I'm wondering... will the whole window seal have to be replaced???  Or perhaps just recaulked.  I have no idea where to begin to fix this problem.  I guess I will have to take it in to Camping World for repairs.  I sure can't do it myself.  Has anyone got any suggestions?
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