Catch up.

Last Tuesday I started to feel a bit poorly. I felt sick and off my food (I couldn't even face lunch which is not like me at all!) On Tuesday evening swollen tonsils kicked in and I thought "here we go", tonsillitis is heading my way. Luckily it wasn't tonsillitis but it was a horrible sore throat and cold which has only just started to subside today. I usually manage to avoid colds. I haven't had a proper one since April 2010 which is up there with my finest achievements. Even when enclosed in a room full of people with the flu last Christmas I escaped scott free and feeling fine.

I am completely run down at the moment. I'm stressed and cranky and I think my immune system is suffering.

A few days of comfort eating and downing cups of tea (and at one point just eating a whole bag of marshmallow just coz I fancied some) has taken its toll on my waistline. Alas! Tomorrow is a new day and the start of a new week (no Bank Holiday hangover and emergency McDonalds to deal with like last week!) so I am going to start like I mean to go on. Stress reduction, healthy eating and daily exercise is back on and I'm ready to take whatever the week has to throw at me.

In other news, this weekend has been lovely. We went to Meadowhall on Saturday morning and, although I didn't see any clothes worth buying, I did get the most amazing pair of pyjama bottoms from Primark which are the comfiest things I've ever worn. I have worn them non stop since purchasing. If only I could wear them to work!

I packaged up some orders which is now becoming a Saturday morning ritual, ready to head to the Post Office before it closes. I'm loving the red cotton at the moment, especially with the evil eye beads and the silver crosses.

Pugs are cute but not so much first thing on a morning when they require gunge removal from their eyes. Yuck! :) Still cute as a button though.

Today I picked up The Perks of Being a Wallflower, a book I started a few weeks ago but haven't managed to finish. It's a good read, but peace and quiet to read a book is scarce. I must try and finish it this week. (Told you I love my new pjs!)

How has your weekend been? Been struck down with the lurgy like me? Hope not!
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