Monday summary.

Hello folks. I hope you had a good weekend? Mine was a bit too good and I have paid the price with a hefty hangover but it was all good fun.

I haven't done a '5 good things' post in a while so I thought it was about time. Do let me know what your 5 good things are in the comments below!

1) Some long overdue time off. I haven't had anything more than a long weekend off work since June last year so I am ready for this Friday and the whole of next week off work. We had planned to find a last minute holiday abroad but to save pennies we are having a "staycation", visiting local places and generally relaxing. Lord knows I need it!

2) My shop is doing so well and I'm really pleased, as you never know how these things will work out when you start off. I attended a jewellery making course on Saturday with my friend and we have learnt some new techniques and loaded up on supplies so expect some different styles of jewellery very soon. Think pretty wire/beaded bracelets and earrings. The newest addition to my shop in the meantime is this pretty silver heart charm on cotton which is only £1.75.

3) Making friends. I moved to Rotherham to be with Jonathan as some of you may know, and I don't know anybody here apart from Jonathan's family so I worried a little bit at first that I would feel quite lonely. But then I met one of Jonathan's best friends girlfriends who is just very lovely and we have so much in common, so it has made moving away from Leeds much easier.

4) Mince pies are in the shops which can mean one thing... Christmas is coming! Sorry folks, I know it's far too early to think about it but I flippin' love Crimbo!

5) This Thursday marks 1 year since Jonathan and I had our first date. Can you believe how fast time has flown? For old times sake here's a bit of slush here (number 5), here and here.

Have a great Monday! I'll leave you with some wise words... all courtesy of here.

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