Day off #5 (Pottering).

It started to rain yesterday morning and didn't stop drizzling all day, so instead of heading outdoors we changed our plans around and did indoor activities instead. We popped to Cineworld to see the final Harry Potter film (I call myself a fan yet I've waited this long to see it!) which I enjoyed it but thought the beginning could have been a little more fast-paced, but I am sad that it's the end.

Then we popped to Hobbycraft to get me some storage for my beads and things, and some ribbon too. Our dining table is constantly full of charms, beads, cotton, sellotape, wrapping supplies, so I wanted something that would be able to store the lot. I found this amazing pink carry case which has two layers to it. I also got a bead case which has lots of smaller compartments which is perfect for my charms and beads. It makes finding them SO much easier.

After a spot of lunch (ham sandwich and a made-by-my-friend cupcake to be precise) we watched a few episodes of '24'. We've almost finished series 5 now! It only seems like two minutes ago we were starting series 1!

Thanks for the cupcake Katy! It was delicious.

After a spot of jewellery making, knitting and blog reading I did my workout for an hour (this) which killed me and then it was time to get started on tea! Jonathan made the most amazing lasagne (with a little bit of help from me) using this recipe and it was absolutely delicious! Throw in some homemade garlic bread for good measure and you've got an amazing tea. Plus we have leftovers! :)

The sky was beautiful last night and I managed to get a few snaps before it disappeared. What a lovely, chilled out day...

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