Back in the swing.

If you've read my blog for a while you will know that I talk about a variety of different things, and one thing I used to talk about quite regularly was fitness/healthy eating. I'm still into those things but I guess a lack of time for blogging means some topics have fallen by the wayside. New Years Resolution = make more time for blogging!

In February of 2011 I did this blog post about my weight loss journey. It amazes me that since that blog post I've gone on to lose a further 5 - 6 lbs without doing anything special or different to my normal routine. A combination of regular exercise, eating a balanced diet (e.g. aiming for 5 portions of fruit/veg a day, not denying myself any treats, plenty of fish/protein, etc) and being happy has meant that the weight has just... well, dropped off I suppose.

I'm happy at my current weight and continue to work to maintain it, but after a Christmas of eating everything in sight I am getting back into the swing of things. You will be seeing a lot more of these types of posts on Lily loves Lola this year. I have had a few emails and tweets from people saying that I have inspired them to lose weight/get fit from reading my blog and that is fantastic. So I endeavour to continue.

I have been using a few different sources to keep focused and they may be of use to you:

BeckyBlog - a great blog and one that introduced me to working out via You Tube, so thank you! I wish I could run as well as Becky can but she certainly inspires me to keep signing up for Race for Life and do my best running a 5k.

Celery and Cupcakes - I really like Jemma's blog. She makes healthy food seem so colourful and exciting which makes me crave those kinds of food. If you like smoothies then Jemma always has one on the go and shares the recipe! After a catch up on Celery and Cupcakes this afternoon I have been craving a Green Monster like mad!

Blogilates on You Tube - I love Cassey. Talk about enthusiastic and a cracking body! Some of the workouts are rather difficult for me as I'm completely inflexible but I still have a good go anyway. There are videos for beginners and some that explain the correct posture/breathing techniques so if you were thinking of doing a pilates class this could be a good starting point for you. I warn you though, you will be sore the day after your first try!

Race for Life - If you want an excuse to get fit/get out of the house/lose some weight/raise money for charity then sign up for a Race for Life event and use it as a goal to aim towards. I ran my first Race for Life rather slow and red faced but that made me want to do better the following year, and that I did! About 10 minutes faster to be precise even in scorching heat and with a crippling stitch at the end! Go me :) The 2012 dates and locations haven't been released yet but keep your eyes peeled, I believe they're coming soon.

Me - post Race for Life 2011

Jillian Michaels - Sorry but I had to sneak Jillian in here. I love her, her DVDs are awesome, her workouts give me quick results and her one liners are brilliant!

And if all of the above fails to get you going then here is my personal favourite motivational picture!

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