Bauble by Dune.

When I think of Dune shoes it conjurs up thoughts of pretty shoes that are good quality/perhaps even a little pricey for my budget. Now that I own my first pair of Dune shoes I can confirm that they are definitely pretty and, as the pair I picked have now gone into the sale priced at £45.50, they're not so bank-breaking. 

I opted for the Bauble pumps (c/o Sarenza) which are black with a fancy beaded/bobbly detail on the toes in black and silver. They are the style of pumps that slightly fold round when they're not in use which I love, because it means they're a better fit when they're on your tootsies. Nice and snug.

My one criticism though is that these are a size 7, and I'm usually a 6 to 7 depending on the shop/style of shoe, but these are a very small 7. So perhaps Dune's sizing is slightly smaller than I'm used to, but this is not a problem as Sarenza do free returns so I could have easily swapped them for a different size.

You know me, I love my pumps. This pair are no exception. They could easily be dressed up due to the fancy detail on the front, or paired with a plain black outfit to give a little bit of extra sparkle. I would wear them out for dinner with black tights and a dress, which is infact exactly what I'll be doing with them tomorrow evening.

Dune is a global retailer of men's and women's footwear and accessories in the affordable luxury market and considers excellence in design and development to be the foundation of their business. Dune, which is a British brand, started as a single shop in London's chic Kings Street in 1994. Dune is now one of the most influential global players in the fashion footwear market.

What do you think of Dune shoes? Own a pair yourself?
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