Received this comment on one of my pages about my "Peace Rocks."

Anonymous said...
My grandson found your peace rock at Sam Houston Jones State Park,very cool. We also travel in a MH and our plans are to place your rock at a park on one of our travels. We will add our names and date when we leave it. Hopefully they will get on your site and let you know what they plan on doing with it.

Char, Ed and Justin Lafayette, La

How cool is that?  I often wonder if anyone has found the rocks I've hidden.  Sometimes I think I hide them too well.  I remember placing that rock at Sam Houston and just placed a few leaves over it next to a tree.  Others I placed have been hidden more securely.  When I traveled back to Magnolia Beach in Texas I checked to see if my rock was still in place and it was.  Also, when I traveled back to Surfside Beach in Texas my rock was still there in plain sight - not covered with anything.  I think it will be found by the summer.  I hope they contact me.

Sam Houston Jones State Park
Lake Charles, LA

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