The Body Shop event

I know blogger is full of posts about The Body Shop event but I have to get a quick post in there too :)

Here is my outfit! Miss Selfridge blazer, Topshop vest, Topshop jeans, Alexander McQueen scarf, and Uggs. And jewellery wise I wore a rose ring which I think is from Accessorize, a variety of bangles and my Juicy Couture watch.

Me, Kelly and Carla were up bright n early to get the train from Leeds to London. Our train was late so once we got off the train it was all a bit hectic trying to find other people and a loo!

The event was fab! The venue, Sketch, was amazing and all the effort that had gone into the decoration, food and drink was brill. A big "thanks" to The Body Shop people and to Natalie for inviting me! You can check out Natalie's photos from the event here.

Hearing about the new products and the makeup was really interesting and I loved hearing how they developed the new perfume.

It was great to chat to people that I knew from the blogging world but I was so so nervous and it was all very overwhelming. Hopefully the next event won't be so daunting for me! :)

We all got a lovely goodie bag full of stuff and I was especially pleased to receive the perfume (which is lovely) and the hand cream! I will blog about the products over the next few weeks, but if there's anything you like the look of please let me know and I will do that first. I'm looking forward to trying out some of the 11 lipsticks!

A special thanks to Kelly and Carla for the funniest train journey home. I think the business men sat around us were a bit confused at us producing bags of 'loot' and talking about you-tube, bloggy stuff and having a Zac Efron/Robert Pattinson debate!
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