Welcome to Miami

I am sat watching Miami Ink and it has brought back happy memories from my holiday in May. We (me, the boyfriend, my mum, my dad, my sister and her boyfriend) went to Orlando for 2 weeks and we did a day trip to Miami.


We started the day early and headed to the Everglades and did an airboat tour, then we visited an animal sanctuary that housed a variety of rescued animals who had been kept as pets illegally. One little crocodile had actually been kept in someone's bath! The Armadillo was my favourite. What a cute little critter!

Then we did a cruise and saw the mansions of the rich and famous! Here I am before we went on the boat. Excuse the sweaty mess but it's hard to look glam in 110 degree heat!

The mansions were out of this world! My favourite was a pink one which I believe belongs to Elizabeth Taylor. Next up we strolled along South Beach (in the sweltering heat!) and took hundreds of photos of all the art deco hotels, the beach, 'Muscle Beach' and Versace's house which was just amazing!

Then we went to..... the Miami Ink shop!!!!! I'm a huge fan of the programme and it was AWESOME to see the shop and we even got to meet Darren Brass.

Darren Brass outside the shop!

I have been to Orlando 4 times before but this year was the best. It was a blast and going to Miami was a definite highlight!! I would love to go back one day.

I thought I would share a couple of snaps from Miami with you! I took 1500 photos during the holiday, most of which can be found on Facebook, but I won't subject you to any more than the ones above :)

Has anyone else been to Miami?
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