Weight loss.... an update!

If you read my previous post about weight loss (here) you will know that I vowed to get on a health kick! Not so much dieting and cutting out food, but drinking lots of water, eating more fruit/veg and doing lots of exercise!

Well guys.. I'm a failure. There, I said it! I have failed at the first hurdle.

Just over a week later and I have done my workout dvd ONCE! I have had at least 2 McDonalds meals and a Chinese takeaway. I feel so ashamed :(

But, after going shopping today and not being able to squeeze into my usual size (thanks a lot Topshop sizing system, thanks a bunch!!) I am starting again with a whole new frame of mind.

Last week was a hectic week what with starting my new job and feeling a bit under the weather so the last thing I wanted to do was exercise and jump around like a crazy woman. But now I have got my first week of work over with and the nerves have subsided, I can focus on getting healthy and feeling better about myself.

This week I'm going to drink only water and tea :) No fizzy pop!
I am going to exercise every single day.
I am not going to skip breakfast.
I am going to eat more fruit.
I am going to motivate myself by looking at beautiful people with beautiful bodies, e.g.

I do have to add though, trying to attain a 'perfect' figure like these ladies puts a lot of pressure on people and it's important to remember that us normal folk don't have access to personal trainers every day, our own chef and we also don't have the pressure of knowing we will be photographed cellulite and all!

But using pics like this really motivate me to get off my butt and work out!!

Is anyone else trying to lose weight at the moment?

Whose figure do you admire?

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