Female inspirations

I saw this idea over at Blab About Beauty and wanted to share my top female icons with you.
Nicole Richie. I have loved her ever since I watched an episode of The Simple Life series one years and years ago, when she had coloured feathers in her hair extensions and outshined Paris in being totally hilarious!
Since then she has inspired my hair colour, my hair styles, the clothes I like and the accessories I buy.

Megan Fox. I admire her confidence and her "don't give a sh*t" attitude. Plus she is stunning and gets to kiss Shia LaBeouf. Jealous much!

Lady Gaga. For being different and a breath of fresh air from the usual pop stars. Plus her clothes/outfits are brilliant!

Jessica Alba. For having the body that I want but will probably never have.

Ashley Tisdale. Her style is really casual and I love that. Designer bag with joggers? Yes please. I love comfy tees, joggers, big sunglasses, huge handbags and long blonde locks. Perfect, comfy style!

Kim Kardashian. She has a womanly figure and absolutely rocks it. She always looks really polished and wears clothes that suit her shape.

Paris Hilton. She has built an empire and is worth millions and gazillions. Not so dizzy! I know she gets a lot of stick and has done some stupid things in her time but she seems like a really sweet person to me.

And finally, Kat Von D. Covered in tattoos and beautiful!
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