Share the Love: A Little Bird Told Me...

I wanted to tell you all about a FAB blog that I found recently. The blog belongs to Jen and is called A Little Bird Told Me. Click here to go directly there!

I stumbled across this blog on one of my blog-hunting sessions and instantly loved it and left comments on lots of posts.

Jen updates regularly with outfit posts and general chit-chat. Her style is really cool and varied. One day it's very girly with lots of jewellery and pretty scarves, the next she is in a gorgeous dress, then the next in casual Converse trainers and jeans.

Not only is she really friendly but she lives near me, and just round the corner from my Mum and Dad, what a coincidence!

Please go and check out her blog and say hi. She puts loads of effort into her pictures and regular updates and deserves a lot more readers.

Happy reading!

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