Monday summary & 5 good things

It's that time of the week again! How does it come round so quickly!? I hope everyone had a good weekend?

I started this new weekly post last Monday (see here). The cold weather and a poorly Pug (Lily) is making it quite tough to think of cheery things today but I will do my best! How cute is the picture below - I think this grumpy Pug needs to cheer up! Also at the weekend I took Lola to Pets at Home to buy some dog food and we met a tiny Pug puppy also called Lola. So so cute!

My 5 good things:

1) I may not have had much luck with jobs lately (being picked on, life made a misery, etc) but on the positive side whenever I have an interview I always get such good feedback and 9 times out of 10 I'm offered the job.

2) I saw an old friend at the weekend who I haven't seen in aaages, and I wasn't even sure if we were still friends, but we had a good laugh like old times and it was great to catch up. Life is too short to lose touch with people - I realised all it takes is a little bit of effort on both parts to keep chatting and meeting up occasionally. Not too hard really!

3) Getting the desire back to start playing Squash and move around a bit more. We're going to increase each dog walk by 10 minutes each time and on a weekend we take them out for a good ball-throwing session. I don't really want to join a gym at the moment but I definitely want to get back into Squash - it does wonders for the arms and legs! Might go this evening :) I'd also love to do a circuit class but I need someone to hold my hand for the first one. lol.

4) Being organised. I have got a list of everything that I need to buy for Crimbo and it feels so much better being organised and having a plan of action! This way I can start buying things now and everyone gets something that they put on their list - everyone's a winner! I'm getting sooo excited for Christmas - I really can't wait.

5) A recent increase in new subscribers and some lovely comments. Keep 'em coming guys! I read them all.
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