Monday summary

My 5 good things: (photos courtesy of weheartit)

1) The Twilight hotties. Yes they're everywhere and no I'm not complaining.

2) Present buying! It feels so good getting my Christmas shopping done early this year which hopefully means no last minute panic buying the week before Christmas! I have wrapped everything that has been bought so far and started to write my cards, which by the way are the cutest handmade ones with Pugs on :)

3) Starting to read again. I used to read so much when I was younger and now all I seem to do is flick through Company magazine once a month! I have started to read Twilight after buying it months ago, and I'm loving it so far. Gosh Edward Cullen is the sexiest character :)

4) It's nearly Christmas which means the Pugs have been in my life for nearly a year. I couldn't imagine life without them!

5) Feeling creative. I have the urge to make cards, make jewellery, learn to knit again, make some scarves and doggy jumpers..

And one bad thing.. Jedward are no more. It's a sad sad day.

Here they are performing 'She Bangs' - my personal favourite.
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