Film review: UP

As I mentioned on Monday I went to see UP at the cinema (just the regular 2D version, not 3D).

If you haven't seen it already I really recommend you go see it. I imagine the 3D version is awesome! The film starts by telling the story of Carl, the old man character, from being a little boy all the way to present day. I'm not going to give away the sad bit but boy, take some tissues. I knew what happened before I went so about 10 minutes before I was blubbing and it took me a good 10 minutes after to recover!

After that the film picks up and is full of laughs, mainly involving the ever so cute Russell who tags along for the ride.

The animation is spectacular and the storyline is really fun and keeps you interested - no slow bits.

If you can find a video online somewhere try to check out the short animation, Partly Cloudy, which was shown before the film at the cinema. Oh my god, it's the cutest thing I have ever seen! I nearly wanted to cry with happiness! (Yes I'm a sensitive soul.)

Have a great Saturday everyone! I'm going to get my hair coloured this morning and then I'm going to the German Market for beer and sausages -wahey! Then I will be catching up with X Factor when I get home. TEAM JEDWARD!

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