Knitting for dummies

In a previous post I mentioned my sudden urge to get creative - knitting, jewellery-making, etc. Well, I'm actively on the hunt for knitting classes as we speak. I have a desire to knit scarves,and jumpers for myself and my dogs!

Yesterday I was in Topshop and saw some lovely arm warmers that were made from cream wool. £14! I don't think so. "I could knit those myself" I said. I saw an awesome knitted headband in Misss Selfridge and thought "I could knit that!"
I also want to knit the boyfriend a Ron Weasley style jumper with his initial on ;) I'm so good to him!

A cool shop has opened up in Headingley, Leeds which I really want to check out. It's a shop called Baa Ram Ewe. I have got my eye on "Learn to Knit" for complete beginners and "Learn to Crochet". Have any of my fellow Leeds people checked it out yet?

Yum Yum Beads is a small bead shop in Leeds city centre which sells, you guessed it, beads! Of all shapes, sizes and colour. They do a jewellery-making lesson one evening so that's another idea of mine. I have made a few bracelets using material from their before and I'd love to make necklaces and earrings too.

Do you do anything creative? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments box :)

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