A year with Lily & Lola

In December of last year a friend of mine used to regularly visit the Dogs Trust to see the dogs and to walk them, and on one visit he called me to say that they had 2 Pugs (because he knew how much I liked them). So the next day I went to the Dogs Trust to have a look.. I was like a small child on the way there - full of excitement and a bit anxious to see whether they were still there or not!

I filled out some forms at Reception which is where I spotted this sign:-

I headed off along the corridor and saw some of the others dogs waiting to be re-homed, some with really sad stories which was quite hard to see. Then I saw Lily and Lola in their kennel fast asleep and looking very chubby. I burst into tears! I thought how could anyone mistreat them and let them end up there. The story was that their owner had died and her daughter had brought in 3 Pugs and a couple of other small dogs as she was unable to care for them. Lily had a scar on one eye because an eye infection had been left untreated, and Lola had a dodgy leg which the vet was keeping an eye on. They hadn't been house trained and were left alone for 7 to 8 hours every day so they didn't have any social skills and they didn't know how to walk on a lead.

The next couple of days were a blur. First I asked if I could meet them and I had a little play with them. They were really playful and friendly and of course adorable! Next thing I know I had agreed to adopt them and I just knew I couldn't let someone else snap them up.

The Dogs Trust carried out their checks and I waited patiently to hear the adoption date. They said that after Christmas would be better because there tends to be a lot of people and lots of noise on Christmas Day so they set the date of 27 December.

My Mum came with me to the adoption talk where we got advice and tips, and a bag of dog food. The lady who held the talk said "good luck feeding the Pugs, they're very fussy". She had to be joking. They will eat anything you put down in front of them and anything they find on the floor! :)

Things haven't been plain sailing. Lily developed an ingrowing eyelash which had to be removed and it left her eye very sore and requiring lots of drops and visits to the vet. Their back legs aren't too strong so we have to make sure they don't get too heavy and they get enough exercise. I have to regularly clean the folds on their faces to avoid germs causing an infection. Also their nails grow like crazy and they shed hair like nothing you have seen before!

Pugs can be hard work at times but they're so loveable. They follow me round wherever I go and always want to be cuddled and stroked. Lily and Lola are really good with children and adults alike. People often ask how we tell them apart but it's so easy for me because they are totally different characters. Lily is very shy and needy; she is a Mummy's girl and always wants to sit with me. Lola is the protective sister and a lot more confident. She is very greedy and likes to bark at animals on the tv. Lola is slightly bigger than Lily and their tails both curl different ways :) Failing that the only other way to tell is by looking at their name tags!

I'd love to hear your story if you have adopted an animal. I hope you have enjoyed hearing my story.
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