My new blog header

A huge thanks to Lil for being so kind and a complete doll and designing my new blog header - let me know what you guys think! I love it :)

Lil kindly offered to draw a sketch for me and I gave her a rough idea of what I wanted; something simple that incorporated the Pugs and me. My old header used to annoy me because, even though I really liked the design, the colours and the style didn't match the background - and it used to niggle at me everytime I saw it.

Once Lil had sent me the image, Photoshop was used to sharpen the colour of the lettering to ensure it stood out.

Then finally a background colour was added and the picture was resized to fit into the template for the header, and voila!

I hope you guys like it - I think it looks great! And she has really captured the likeness of Lola (on the left) and Lily (on the right). It looks just like them!

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