Monday summary

My weekly Monday summary is a bit late this week. On Saturday evening I hit my head really hard and the next morning I was woken up with the urge to be sick - not nice! Things only got worse and I developed the WORST pulsing pain in my head, cold sweats, sensitivity to the light and I was sick constantly for hours and hours.

Off I trundled to A&E thinking they would do some basic tests and send me on my way, but they wanted to keep me in overnight. I had to be woken every 2 hours to check I was ok and to have my blood pressure and temperature checked.

I was just about to be sent for a scan this afternoon when the head doctor decided I would be ok and sent me home, but warned me I will have a sore head for a week or so.

I'm finding it tricky to think of 5 good things at the moment to be honest, BUT I can't let you guys down and let the negativity get in the way so here we go!

1) I'm still keeping up to my exercise plan and feeling motivated to get fitter. I feel a lot better already! - well apart from the sore head.

2) Christmas is coming - I can't wait! I have got all my presents bought and wrapped and all that is left now is to practice my trifle making! :)

3) My hair has grown soo much - I'm well on my way to target! I'm going to do a hair history post at some point. I love reading those posts and I have changed my hair more times than anyone I know - it has literally been every colour and style under the sun!

4) My Sister is in New York as we speak and I'm very excited to see what my Christmas present is!

5) It's nearly 2010 so I can start planning my holiday for next year. Planning holidays is my ultimate favourite thing to do! Do you guys have any holidays booked?

Orlando - my favourite place in the whole world!

Don't forget to check my last post to see if you were a winner on my contest!

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