Monday summary

My 5 good things this week are:

1) I'm going to see New Moon tonight and I can't wait! I'm hoping the crowds have died down and I can enjoy it in peace :)

2) I only have 6 more working days until I break up for Christmas and I get 2 weeks off. Brilliant!

3) I have fully recovered from hurting my head and my constant headache has gone.

4) I received a parcel today containing a scarf that I won in a blog contest and I love it! I'm wearing it to work and I have been complimented on it. It's lovely. I'll try and post some pictures soon.

5) I spotted my boyfriend with a very swanky designer carrier bag which I think may be my extra Christmas present. We have already picked out our presents to each other but I've got a feeling he has bought an extra special something. Roll on the 25th!

Let me know your good things in the comments box.

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