What makes my heart happy...

I saw this over at http://randomnessisessential.blogspot.com/ and I wanted to share my list with everyone. Feel free to do your own list and let me know what makes you happy. (photos are from weheartit).

♥ Letting the dogs sleep on the bed and waking up to find one of them sat on my head

♥ Putting on a new outfit and feeling fantastic in it

♥ Christmas day morning

♥ Taking a long walk in the snow wrapped up warm

♥ Finding a lovely new blog and reading it from start to finish

♥ Hopping on a plane heading to a sunny destination, knowing I get 2 weeks of sunshine and fun

♥ Friday evening - the feeling of not having work for 2 whole days and making lots of lovely weekend plans

♥ Shopping

♥ Singing

♥ Talking on the phone for hours

♥ Taylor Lautner

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