Green fingers and green monsters

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This week has been quiet for me. It has mainly involved a variation of going to work, eating, walking the dogs, jogging, and consuming Green Monsters! I have had one almost every morning this week. I even printed out the recipe and gave it to a couple of people at work. Spread the love I say! If you have tried one recently let me know how you got on. I have been sticking with the Virgin recipe (minus the flaxseed which I haven't got hold of yet) but I'm tempted to try some of the other recipes.

I got talking to a chap at work who commented on the green concoction I was drinking (he thought it was avocado!) and it turns out he grows all types of fruit, veg and herbs from his back garden! In fact he was quite the expert on spinach and offered to give me some seeds to start growing my own. Apparently once it starts growing it grows like crazy. Now all I need is something to put it in. I can sense a trip to the Garden Centre coming! I've always fancied discovering my green fingers and growing veg from our garden. I'll keep you posted on this!

It has been a little bit too warm for the dogs this week; cue lots of panting, lazy behaviour and hiding round the house. Lily likes to keep watch at the top of the stairs. Bless her. She is just adorable! Lola likes to sunbathe in the garden and Geri has a spot under a bush in the corner of the garden (and when she reappears she's usually covered in little flower buds!)

Gosh look at those weeds. It really is an ongoing battle between me and our back garden!

It's almost the weekend! (Hooray!) Tomorrow night, as I'm sure most of you know, England are playing football so Andrew is invited some friends over and I will unfortunately be giving the pizza and beer a miss in favour of an early night. Boring you say? Well I have got a big day on Saturday! I'm running my first ever 5k and I'm super nervous! I'm hoping the momentum of the day and the supportive crowds will spur me on to run most of the way.

Have a great evening!
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