Monday summary

Good evening blogettes. How are you? I'm so tired. I've had 7 hours of training today and my little head wanted to explode when I got home. After writing this I've still got all the washing up to do plus my jogging, but I actually WANT to do it. Go me!

Today's pictures are all tea related because, quite frankly, I didn't have enough of the stuff today.All pictures have been lovingly borrowed from

My 5 good things:

1) Seeing my friend at the weekend. We are doing the Race for Life together but we haven't seen each other in ages so it was nice to catch up. We even went out for a jog together and got leered at by a group of men outside a pub. Lovely!

2) Fluff. Damn I wish I had never tried it. I officially heart it!

3) Having a holiday countdown. Not only is it great having a sunny trip to look forward to but it's also a great little diet/work-out goal too!

4) Cool retro blogs like The Crafty Currant. I'm obsessed with all things vintage, retro and craft-y and her blog fits that description nicely! I have been making my way through all of her old posts and getting green with envy over all of her cool belongings.

5) Tea! Milky with no sugar, iced tea, camomile tea, green tea, fruity tea. You name it, I'm there with bells on!

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