My first ever Green Monster (plus an amazing blogger!)

I recently discovered an amazing blog and I can't believe I have only just stumbled across it. I'm addicted to blogs containing recipes and healthy hints and tips, and I love finding people who seem really down to earth and passionate about blogging. Cue Angela, from Oh She Glows, who had me reading her blog for absolutely ages when I first found it.

Ever since then something has clicked with me and now all I want to eat is good stuff (ok, apart from pizza and a couple of beers on Saturday night). Last week I was eating fruit and veg like I used to eat chocolate and crisps. I have cut down on normal tea and drink more camomile tea and plain old water. I have also started to wake up 20 minutes earlier on a morning (a handful of times a week) to do the 30 Day Shred dvd before work. And of course I'm still going strong with my training for Race for Life (which is this weekend btw!)

Angela is a HUGE inspiration. Her healthy lifestyle really makes me want to get my ass into gear, plus... now I know of The Green Monster!

As soon as I read about these I rushed out for supplies. 2 cups of spinach, 1 banana, 1 cup of soya milk and a little bit of ice later and I had produced my first ever Virgin Green Monster. It looks disgusting but it tastes lovely! There's no taste of spinach at all.. it's just like having a banana smoothie. What a great way to sneak in a portion of your Five a Day! I have had one almost every day since and they're just divine. Packed full of goodness, they're a great way to start off the day. Believe it or not, after my jog on Saturday morning I turned down a full English breakfast for one of these smoothies!

Oh She Glows is a great place to head when you want a healthy recipe or some workout inspiration. It just shows that eating healthy food can be fun and tasty. It's not all lettuce leaves and starvation! Happy reading. x
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