Race for Life 2010 - Leeds

As most of you will know I took part in the Race for Life in Leeds last weekend and it was a fab day! I woke up feeling nervous and anxious about whether I would be able to complete the 5k (I really hoped I would be able to run the whole way). Once I got there I felt much better. It's not a competitive event; just a way for females of all ages to get together and raise money for a great charity!

Like a total wally I forgot my camera! I was snapped by Radio Aire but the photos haven't appeared in the gallery so I'm really cross with myself. I normally take my camera everywhere with me! Andrew's job to be chief photographer went out the window! Instead he stood with Lola and waited for me to finish (I think Lola was a bit of a chick-magnet for him) and got a few snaps on his iPhone.

I started off really well. I decided to start off jogging slow and steady in the hopes I could gain momentum towards the end. After an eternity we passed the 1k sign. And then came the hill. Now, I have jogged up hills before but this damn thing was almost vertical! I had to take a short break to get myself up it and at this point I realised 5k was a lot longer than I originally thought!

BUT.. I managed to jog the last 3k non-stop which I'm really proud of as it's the longest I've run non stop, ever! Here we are afterwards having a well-earned sit down and a chomp on the treats in our goodie bags. Boy I was knackered!

It was a really great day and I would definitely take part again. I got fit and had fun at the same time - what more could you ask for! 

Did you take part this year? Maybe see you there next year!

Photos from the day: Radio Aire gallery

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