Monday summary

Evening campers! How are you? My Monday hasn't been overly exciting. Nothing too special to report I'm afraid! So, straight onto my 5 good things of the moment!

1) There are 5 days until the Race for Life! Aah! I'm so excited about it but very nervous at the same time. I really hope I manage to jog most of the way. That would be a huge achievement for me. A couple of months ago I couldn't jog for 5 minutes. Now I'm out and about for 45 minutes and I feel great!

2) The holiday countdown is on. Just a couple more weeks of work then I have 2 glorious weeks off!

3) After months of struggling with a foundation totally the wrong colour I have been matched up with a different one and all is right in the world again. No more face/neck mismatch here! Very superficial (but important!)

4) Fruit. Officially loving it right now! Favourites of mine are oranges, bananas and apples. I try to have at least 2 pieces of fruit a day, plus a home-made smoothie, and veg with my tea which means I usually get my '5 a day' - go me!

5) Lily. Just coz! :)

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