Reasons to love beer!

This is a bit of a different post for Lily loves Lola but they say variety is the spice of life! When I was given the opportunity to test out some tasty beer targeted at ladies I couldn't say no! The beer in question is Kasteel Cru Rose and I can honestly say it is the tastiest beer I have ever had.

In my younger days I would drink anything (sambuca in a pint anyone?) but now I tend to save alcohol for special occasions and I find it hard to pick what to have. Wine is a no-no. Spirits are out. And beer just seems a bit.. manly! This is the perfect solution! Kasteel Cru Rose is light, sparkling and crisp. It's the perfect girly beer and tastes absolutely delicious - plus it's pink! I will definitely pick up a few bottles of this next time I'm at the supermarket.

Reasons to beer in 2010 according to Bittersweet:

Good for the skin
Add dark beer to your bath to improve the quality and lustre of your skin. Beer can exfoliate the skin without the harsh abrasion, strengthening it along the way.

Good for hair
Beer can add body and shine to dull hair. Use once a month on it's own as a conditioning hair mask. Alternatively, invest in LUSH Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo (more on this soon!)

Impress the males
A study of 2,000 men highlighted that they perceive female beer drinkers as more confident (31%), fun (26%) and independent (23%).

Trendy tipple
More female celebs are choosing beer as their drink of choice. At a recent London bash Jodie Kidd was spotted enjoying a Kasteel Cru, and at the Bittersweet garden party this summer, CBB star Nicola T said "I love to drink a pint of beer. Or even better, beer in a cocktail!"

Cooking companion
Well-made beers are a great source of flavour, just like stock, and have a variety of tastes that make them perfect to cook with. They also give a much lighter finish than the usual heavier alcohols.

Tickles the tastebuds
There's so much more choice when it comes to beer than there has ever been before. Dark beers, low calorie options, fruit beers... Our favourite is Kasteel Cru - a crisp and zesty lager, delicate and light on the palette and brewed using a sparkling yeast from famous vineyards in Northern France.

Cutback on calories
Beer is lower in calories compared to some other alcoholic drinks so a great choice if you're watching your figure. For example; a 330ml bottle of beer (5%abv) contains 142kcals whereas a 250ml glass of champagne (10%abv) contains 190kcals.
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