Eden Camp.

As I mentioned here, Jonathan and I visited Eden Camp on one of our days off around my birthday. We both went with our primary schools when we were about 11 but it is exactly how I remember it (which is part of its charm). I was always so fascinated with World War 2 when we studied it at school so I found this particular school trip very interesting, and it was good to go back and have another look around.

Eden Camp is made up of huts, and you work your way around each one. Each hut has a theme (the Blitz, the fashions of the 40s, etc). We thought the layout was very well organised - you start at hut 1 and then it's easy to navigate your way round, winding in and out of each hut. You can't get lost. You can take as much or as little time in each hut as you like. And there is so much information to take in.

We went on a Friday and there were a couple of groups of school children, and a couple of couples, and us. So we barely saw anyone as we were walking round. The children were very noisy and just wanted to get through the whole thing as quickly as possible, so we were often overtaken as I annoyingly read every single snippet of info.

Did you go to Eden Camp with school?

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