Monday summary.

Hello Monday. This time last week I was enjoying a day off with some Valentine's celebrating thrown in for good measure. I can't believe a week has passed since then! Anyway, here are my 5 good things for this week:

1) I've got my knitting lesson tonight. It's going to be 4 hours of learning the basics and making a start on a scarf and basic hat. I'm nervous - I just hope I can get the hang of it! I'll let you all know how I get on.

2) Eliza Doolittle's album. I have listened to it non stop allll weekend. I know this has been out for a while but I'm not exactly down with the kids when it comes to modern music. Give me a bit of Sam Cooke any day! But I really like her voice and sound. Are you a fan?

3) I've got Friday off work so another long weekend is on the cards. 3 day weekends are awesome! Plans for Thursday night = watching ice hockey. Friday = shopping with my birthday vouchers and a possible hair cut. Saturday = cooking with Jonathan for his family. Sunday = relaxing. Lovely! I can't wait.

4) Exercise. I'm currently exercising every day, with one rest day a week, and I'm really getting into it. I hope I can keep it up - I feel amazing!

5) 5 months with Jonathan and I get happier every day :)

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