When I purchased my summer home on Grand Isle 5 years ago, I began a business called Art Of The Lens.  I purhased a professional camera and equipment as well as a poster size printer, mats, clear mat covers, and fine art paper.  I took many photos of the old historical buildings on the island and also wrote a guide book for tourists to use in their walks throughout the island.  I really enjoyed this hobby but no longer am interested in it.  I had posted many of my prints on but don't keep up with that site any longer.

Here are some of my prints of the island I lived on for 5 years.

Sunset Rail To The Beach (across from my street)
My Path
Beach Cabana
Vine Covered Beach Bridge
I hit the saturation button a little hard on this one but I like it.
Grand Isle Palm Trees
Afternoon Walk To The Beach
Terra Cotta Cottage
I couldn't have posed them better... alpha and omega.
Chickadee House - Circa 1880
Pirate Tomb - Digital Painting
Gale's By The Sea -  My Camp
Vine Covered Outhouse
Sunset Over Bayou Rigaud - Grand Isle, LA
Grand Isle Tombs In Moon Glow
Actual cemetery but I manipulated the moon.
Cajun House - Circa 1890
This is my favorite historic building on the island because it looks just like my great grandmother's house.
Hope you enjoyed my art work.
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