Zumba & lemon cheesecake.

My weekend mainly involved falling over and hurting myself, good food and a little bit of Zumba.

The lemon cheesecake I made on Friday was a success confirmed after a tasting session on Saturday (2 pieces in a row, why not). The topping didn't go as firm as I hoped it would but it tasted perfect - just the right amount of lemon. I'd definitely make this again, and I recommend it for any cheesecake-making-virgins as the recipe is so simple. Here's the recipe if you didn't see the link in my other post.

I spent the whole weekend feeling a little worse for wear. Late Friday evening I was reading a magazine in bed when a car alarm started to go off. I shot out of bed to look out of the window but the laminate floor was slippy (my fault - I had spray tanned before bed!) and my foot shot out from beneath me, I slipped sideways and landed on the metal bed frame. I have a bruise the size of a melon on my side - hideous!

I recovered in time to try out my new Zumba dvds and I'm addicted already. The first time I did it some of the moves were difficult to keep up with but after a couple more attempts I'm hooked! It is so much fun and really works up a sweat. I'm definitely going to add Zumba into my workout routine along with my old pal Jillian Michaels.

I'll leave you with some pictures of food I made with my own fair hands over the weekend - salmon with lime and coriander, broccoli and homemade chips (seasoned with salt, garlic and thyme) and macaroni cheese with onion and bacon - YUM! Plus my little helper in the kitchen.

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