You probably won't know, but I'm a glasses-wearer and my vision without them is pretty poor. I don't wear them in photos as I don't view myself as photogenic at the best of times, and I struggle to find a picture I like when I'm wearing them.

About 4 years ago I was told I needed glasses for driving and distance. Until that point I had always had perfect vision so I was a little bit disappointed that I needed a bit of extra help. To console myself I got a pair of lovely Chanel frames which have survived being sat on and thrown into my handbag over the years. They have really stood the test of time.

A few weeks ago I had a long overdue eyetest and, no surprise, my eyesight has changed. A lot. And it was time to upgrade my lenses. I toyed with the idea of putting lenses into my current frames but not only was this the same price as getting a brand new pair, my Chanel pair have quite thick arms which can be tricky when driving. So I picked up a brand spanking new pair.

I wanted some slightly bigger, 'geekier' frames in tortoiseshell so when I spotted these Converse frames I instantly loved them, and snapped them up (to go slightly off on a tangent here, Vision Express told me I could have standard frames but it would take 2 - 3 weeks or I could upgrade to fancy lenses and have them the same day. I ummed and ahhed but decided to get the standard frames and wait a couple of weeks. The next day my glasses were ready. Damn sales tactics!)

Anyway I absolutely adore my new glasses and I must say, being able to see properly again is a bit of a novelty!

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