Vintage books & Root Beer.

Yesterday Jonathan and I had a drive to Sheffield to visit a few shops - a few weeks back we went to Pizza Express for tea and I spotted some amazing gift shops and an old book shop (but sadly they were closed) so we said we would go back, and as we were at a loose end yesterday afternoon off we went.

If you're familiar with Sheffield then you'll know the shops I mean - an amazing place called Within Reason which sells a host of things for the home. I pretty much wanted to buy everything. They had all kinds of mugs, kitchenalia, furniture, coat hooks, vintage telephones, and trinkets. 

We also had a look round a vintage book shop which was like an Aladdin's cave of books and old records. When Jonathan and I get a house together we're going to get a big old bookcase and go back to this shop for some amazing books. 


After a quick pit stop for lunch at a little deli (grilled chicken, bacon, rocket and sweet chilli sauce sandwich) we went into a small indoor shopping place which had vintage boutiques and a little place that sold handmade clothes. Think peter pan collars on everything - I was in clothes heaven as I'm fairly partial to a peter pan collar. Then I spotted the shop selling sweets and drinks from America. Whenever I go on holiday to America I swig Root Beer and eat knobbly Cheetos like they're going out of fashion. I also love Baby Ruth's so I grabbed one of those too, and an Almond Snickers. Yum! I'll definitely be going back soon for some Lucky Charms, Fluff and Flipz!

On the way back to the car I spotted a green Nissan Figaro - my favourite car ever and I fully intend to own a duck egg blue Figaro one day. I hope the owner didn't spot me taking this sneaky picture, but I absolutely love them!

What did you get up to yesterday?
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