Slept great. Oatmeal and bananas for breakfast. Chris came over and made some calls to organize our get together for lunch. Everyone met here at my site. First Carolyn showed up then Kelli then Donna and Dorothy who volunteer at the wildlife refuge near here. All of us were inside my little coach for a few minutes. It was nice having so much company.

Kelli borrowed a van (from her father) and took all of us to Koty’s Restaurant where we had a fabulous lunch (I had the garlic fish with rice). Then we took a ride to the beach to check out the air quality. She pulled up to the water and we opened the doors and took a breath. And guess what... I was not coughing. No one was coughing. It was great. We walked in the water and we took some photos and looked for shells. Kelli rode us around for a while and we made a stop at a bike shop so Chris could look for a tire for her bike. Then we came home. I was ready for a nap.

Me, Carolyn, Dorothy, Donna, Kelli, and Chris

Me, Kelli, Dorothy, Donna, and Carolyn

Can you tell that I'm happy?


A big thank you to Kelli for the tour. It was greatly appreciated.

Right now I’m sitting here trying to decide what to do next. Now that the air has cleared up a bit I’m wanting to move to IB Magee RV Park which is on the beach. However, I’m paid up here till Saturday. I really don’t feel like unhooking the coach to go to the beach then coming back and hooking up again so I’m thinking I’ll just wait till Saturday and then check out and head for the beach campground for a while. I’m watching the weather and air quality before deciding what to do.

And there is one other option. I could rent a golf cart to get around the island. I’m thinking hard about that.

Just found out that it's $175 a day for a golf cart.  Uhh... OK... scratch that idea.
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