Left Surfside Beach for Port Lavaca around noon.  Arrived in Magnolia Beach at 2:30.  Rode on the free beach (Indianola Beach) and took photos.  It's a sandy shell beach on Madagordo Bay with shelters dotted along the way.

Finally got to park next to water.

She didn't like walking on all those shells.

My very small site.

Street to the beach.

My little doggie was having trouble walking and finally just stopped in her tracks.  I thought that maybe a shell had cut her foot so I took a look.  She had those prickly spurs all over her feet and legs from walking in the grass.  I could have cried when I saw that.  How it must have hurt her to walk because she kept trying but would take a step then stop.  When I started to pull them out of her fur they cut my fingers as well.  So I was bleeding but I kept pulling.  Finally she was able to walk the rest of the way back to the coach.   No more walking on grass for her.

We're only staying here one night then on to Port Aransas.  I really don't like this driving then stopping then driving then stopping.  If I were a full-timer I think I would have a rule... no stopping for less than a week at a time. 

I'm feeling much better since I had those 2 days of rest.  However, today I stopped and got cold medicine. 
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