I am now officially a graduate of RV Boot Camp. Thank goodness that's over. It was exhausting to sit from 8:00 in the morning to almost 8:00 at night. I am so wiped out that I'll need a day or two to recouperate. My hypoglycemia is all out of wack from not eating the right foods or at the right times. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

Taken from the porch where I stayed for most of today's class.  It was nice and cool on the porch.

Check out the little car riding piggy back.

One of the solo ladies who drives a Class A bus.  I really want one of those electric scooters.

After hearing the presenters tell about all of the horror stories of people dying in their motorhomes due to loss of control after a blowout or when their coach catches fire - lots of attendees were having second thoughts about either purchasing their first RV or continuing with their plans to full time.  It's really frightening to know how many folks each year go through these types of situations and don't come out alive.  I tried to block out what they were saying because I don't want that to stick in my head while I'm traveling down the road.  However, this tidbit made it through my block... the most dangerous item in an RV is the refrigerator and there's not much you can do about that.  The ammonia and hydrogen are the deadly culprits.  I thought it would be the propane which is dangerous but not the number one thing.

Weight management and tire safety were the most informative parts of the seminar.  Having the coach weighed tomorrow and hope it's not too much over my limit.  Then I'll chill for awhile and maybe stay another day or so. Then heading out towards Freeport (maybe Galveston) with a stop inbetween. Then down to Port Lavaca, Port O'Conner, and Port Aransas to meet up with other solo women RVers. 

Hoping to have a YA YA initiation on the beach for any of the ladies who were interested in joining the Traveling YaYa Sisterhood.  I brought along the supplies needed to initiate 4 ladies at a time.  For more than 4 we'll need to gather up some other supplies.  It'll be fun.  If we can't build a fire on the beach we'll just have to
improvise with candles or lanterns.

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